3rd Quarter Play-by-Play

  Cypress Park vs. Cypress Woods
  Date: Oct 11, 2019 • Site: Cypress, TX

3rd Quarter Play-by-Play
Park 2-7on Park32Start of 3rd quarter, clock 12:00, PARK ball on PARK40.
 Drive: 1 play, 3 yards, TOP 0:10
SIMIEN, J. kickoff 52 yards to the WOODS8, STEWART, J. return 20 yards to the WOODS28 (JENG, C.).
Woods 1-10on Woods28CYPRESS WOODS drive start at 11:55.
Woods 1-10on Woods28JONES, J. pass complete to SCOTT, C. for 9 yards to the WOODS37 (LeBLANC, J.).
Woods 2-1on Woods37SCOTT, C. rush for loss of 4 yards to the WOODS33 (LeBLANC, J.).
Woods 3-5on Woods33JONES, J. pass incomplete to SCOTT, C. (SMALL, S.).
Woods 4-5on Woods33ARMSTRONG, T. punt 27 yards to the PARK40, downed.
 Drive: 3 plays, 5 yards, TOP 1:13
Park 1-10on Park40CYPRESS PARK drive start at 10:42.
Park 1-10on Park40LeBLANC, J. rush for 1 yard to the PARK41 (TOFTE, T.;FOSTER, T.).
Park 2-9on Park41KING, C. rush for 6 yards to the PARK47 (JONES, Jak.).
Park 3-3on Park47KING, C. rush for 1 yard to the PARK48 (SNOW, G.;JONES, Jak.), PENALTY WOODS face mask (SNOW, G.) 15 yards to the WOODS37, 1ST DOWN PARK.
Park 1-10on Woods371st and 10.
Park 1-10on Woods37TOLBERT, M. pass incomplete to JENG, C..
Park 2-10on Woods37KING, C. rush for loss of 1 yard to the WOODS38 (SNOW, G.).
Park 3-11on Woods38SMALL, S. rush for 10 yards to the WOODS28 (FOSTER, T.).
Park 4-1on Woods28LeBLANC, J. rush for 3 yards to the WOODS25, 1ST DOWN PARK (MORRIS, C.;SHERRILL, T.).
Park 1-10on Woods25TOLBERT, M. rush for loss of 6 yards to the WOODS31, fumble by TOLBERT, M. recovered by PARK LeBLANC, J. at WOODS30.
Park 2-15on Woods30SMALL, S. rush for 2 yards to the WOODS28 (SNOW, G.).
Park 3-13on Woods28LeBLANC, J. rush for 27 yards to the WOODS1, 1ST DOWN PARK (TOFTE, T.;MORRIS, C.).
Park 1-Gon Woods01TOLBERT, M. rush for 1 yard to the WOODS0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 05:33.
Park 1-Gon Woods03PENALTY PARK false start (MARRUJO, A.) 5 yards to the WOODS8.
CARLOS-ENCISO kick attempt good.
Cypress Woods 28, Cypress Park 14
 Drive: 11 plays, 60 yards, TOP 5:13
SIMIEN, J. kickoff 46 yards to the WOODS14, BRYANT, E. return 1 yards to the WOODS15 (PEWEE, O.;JEAN-JACQUES, T).
Woods 1-10on Woods15CYPRESS WOODS drive start at 05:29.
Woods 1-10on Woods15WILLIAMS, J. rush for 5 yards to the WOODS20 (ROBERTS, A.).
Woods 2-5on Woods20WILLIAMS, J. rush for 2 yards to the WOODS22 (ROBERTS, A.).
Woods 3-3on Woods22SCOTT, C. rush for 2 yards to the WOODS24 (LeBLANC, J.).
Woods 4-1on Woods24ARMSTRONG, T. punt 47 yards to the PARK29, downed, PENALTY PARK substitution infraction 5 yards to the WOODS29, 1ST DOWN WOODS, NO PLAY.
Woods 1-10on Woods29HOLMES, T. rush for 5 yards to the WOODS34 (JENG, C.).
Woods 2-5on Woods34HOLMES, T. rush for 5 yards to the WOODS39, 1ST DOWN WOODS (LeBLANC, J.).
Woods 1-10on Woods39PENALTY WOODS false start (THOMPSON, N.) 5 yards to the WOODS34.
Woods 1-15on Woods34STEWART, J. rush for 7 yards to the WOODS41 (LeBLANC, J.;GOODLETTE, O.).
Woods 2-8on Woods41JONES, J. pass complete to SCOTT, C. for 18 yards to the PARK41, 1ST DOWN WOODS (JENG, C.).
Woods 1-10on Park41SCOTT, C. rush for 11 yards to the PARK30, 1ST DOWN WOODS (JENKINS, C.;ROBERTS, A.).
Woods 1-10on Park30JONES, J. pass complete to STEWART, J. for 30 yards to the PARK0, 1ST DOWN WOODS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 01:20.
FERNANDEZ, M. kick attempt good.
Cypress Woods 35, Cypress Park 14
 Drive: 9 plays, 85 yards, TOP 4:09
FERNANDEZ, M. kickoff 22 yards to the PARK38, fair catch by SMALL, S..
Park 1-10on Park38CYPRESS PARK drive start at 01:20.
Park 1-10on Park38LeBLANC, J. rush for 1 yard to the PARK39 (SNOW, G.;AGNEW, C.).
Park 2-9on Park39SMALL, S. rush for 5 yards to the PARK44 (SNOW, G.;COHRS, A.).
Park 3-4on Park44KING, C. rush for 56 yards to the WOODS0, 1ST DOWN PARK, TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:14.
CARLOS-ENCISO kick attempt good.
Cypress Woods 35, Cypress Park 21
 Drive: 3 plays, 62 yards, TOP 1:11
SIMIEN, J. kickoff 48 yards to the WOODS12, SCOTT, C. return 14 yards to the WOODS26 (TIPPS, B.).
Woods 1-10on Woods26CYPRESS WOODS drive start at 00:09.
Woods 1-10on Woods26JONES, J. pass complete to SCOTT, C. for 9 yards to the WOODS35 (JENG, C.).